We are a boutique catering and event planning service.

Our mission is to create clean, healthy, and customized menus that give you meals with the freshest and most diverse flavors.  We do not believe in heavy sauces, preservatives or excess salt.  Instead, we opt to incorporate fresh, natural flavors.

Only fresh herbs, organic vegetables, hormone-free dairy, meat & fish, and perhaps a dash of sea or kosher salt find their way into our healthy and flavorful meals.

From Asian to Tuscan, macrobiotic to soul food, we offer a cultural array of plates suited to an intimate dinner for two, cocktail parties, dinner parties, corporate catering, production catering, weddings, or event planning in the location of your choosing.  We can travel as a fully self-contained kitchen or prepare in yours.

Utilizing our team of culinary professionals, we carefully listen to our clients specifications, budget and needs to deliver a delightful and deliciously healthy meal, capping off that special event for you and your family, friends or clients.